Review: Battery life

I decided to do a battery taste test for all you prospective buyers of the Samsung Galaxy S2. I know for most people battery life is an important deciding factor when buying a new phone.

Well I can happily say it's not as bad as you would expect from this mini computer. From brand new laptops people usually get around 5 hours of use before having to connect to the charger, I compare the s2 to a laptop because you find yourself using it for basically the same functions, oh plus phone calls.

I started my test around 12pm with the phone fresh off the charger, I had a few errands to run in town before my driving lesson so timing was perfect. I played a few levels of Angry birds, did a bit of casual net surfing and made a few phone calls during the time before the lesson which left me with around 85% of battery life remaining.

After my lesson I played a few more levels of Angry birds in the car on the way home. From then till late evening I did some more net surfing, downloaded an app, downloaded an episode from my fav series, typed up my last blog post on the blogger app and uploaded it, played a level of Angry birds until I got angry then watched an episode of south park online.

I would say that ranges between average to heavy use, I'm not quiet sure how they rate these things. After all that I reached critically low battery levels at around 9:30pm. I didn't let the phone die though, I don't think that's quiet fair to the phone, and anyway, what if I miss a call or sms? So I plugged it in when it reached 15%. I just love how tiny the charger is.

As I said before, it's better than expected. On my nokia 5800 recently in it's old age, it only took around 4 hours before I needed to charge up, that's with just a bit of net surfing and playing Doodle jump. Okay I'll blame that on old age as nokia usually is pretty good with such things. Anyway, 9 hours is very good from a smart phone in my opinion, considering that everything is done by high powered hardware bits in the background.


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