App review: Youtube app

I'm on the road to kzn so I thought I'd kill time by watching some rihanna vids on this app that came with the phone. Well it took only a few minutes on this one to have my opinion on it.

Ok so after opening the app you wait a second for it to show you the top vids at the moment on youtube or whatever. Interface wise it's not much different to how it looked on my 5800 nokia. The search is also instant.

After you have managed to find your desired vid, you wait another 30 seconds or so for it to buffer and hey presto, you are watching your vid. The loading of your vid reminded me painfully of how the app worked on my nokia- slow slow slow! Image quality is pretty average, bordering on below average, if you plan to watch on the normal video settings, but changing to high quality will produce the best performance for your phone.

 HQ does come with the draw back of you having to endure a longer waiting period during buffering.
Apart from the once that the video actually froze during play, I would say it wasn't too bad a showing. I'll have to try out youtube on the phones browser before I commit to using this app again.
There's a nifty upload option though. That's a plus.

My final rating on it: 8/10
Because it's not totally pathetic but I do hate to wait.


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