A case of lycanthropy and the Samsung Galaxy S

9 March

I went for my daily walk with my parentals again today and incidentally it happened to be a full moon.  I can’t tell you how hard it was to keep my eyes to the ground.  I mean you don’t exactly come off looking sane if you’re going to be walking around with your eyes stuck to the sky and your mouth hanging slightly open in wonder.

You might be wondering what my lycanthropic episode has to do with the Samsung Galaxy S.  Well nothing.  Not really.  Just that I remembered another nifty thing that I look forward to.  Google Sky Maps.  Oh boy, as a below-amateur astronomer, I can’t wait to be finally able to identify the stars with an air of arrogance and accuracy to my family and friends.  Winging it has been fun so far, but I fear the one day I’ll be caught out as I label what really is Jupiter as Mars.



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