Managing your data - APNLock review

Ok so this will just be  a short review of an app I'm using at the mo. It's no secret that data costs are high in South Africa so it's a good idea to get yourself this app or something similar.

APNLock (CHR) is what I'm using at the mo. Straight out of the app store for free, thankfully. I like this app because it's straight forward. Two buttons only, one to disable all your data connections and the other to disable your mms data traffic.

This is great because it doesn't act like flight mode and disable your whole network, you even get the luxury of not having your mms disabled.

What I didn't like about the other apps available is the whole thing of having to enter the cap value for the data to be used. This one allows you to swap between on and off at the touch of a button.

Anyway that's all for now.


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