24 hours in and loving it

24 hours in and I'm loving my phone to bits. Well firstly I'm just gonna make a short list of a few things you should do immediately when you get your new phone.

•To save data if your depending on your cellphone internet for a connection rather than wifi, after you switch on your phone and you have completed all the steps till you get to the home screen, tap the options button (left of the home key which is in the centre), select settings, select wireless and networks then put your phone into flight mode. This is just temporary for until you get your bearings straight with how to operate the phone. You really don't want to be chewing through megabytes while you fumble around in your  first few minutes.
•Ok now that you're offline for a bit, play around, get to know were everything is. Don't worry about the online stuff for now, you are better off going through that when you know the phone better.
•Do the swype tutorial, you won't regret it.
• Once you're comfy, go back and unset flight mode. It's time to get connected.
• Check to see if you are able to make and receive calls and smses. This really is the primary objective of your device, the rest is just bells and whistles. If you happen to be struggling with sending smses, like I was, make sure your centre number is correct, you do this by going messages then tap options, go to settings, then message centre number. Just google it if you are not sure what it should be. I downloaded a whole new messaging app before figuring this one out.
• do yourself a favour and get yourself a data managing app. See more on that in my next post.
• If you havnt already, read up on some forums and blogs about galaxy s2 tips and tricks.


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