Game Review: GTA III

Got a new game recently. Just had to share it since I know allot of people who know this game from the PC version will be interested to know if it's worth getting.

GTA 3 is a release that celebrates the 10th anniversary of the games first release. Well what can I say, the game follows the same story lines as the PC version: theft, deliveries, gun fights and some good old grand theft auto.

Let's start this review with the controls. So as you will know, I played Gangstar Miami before this, it's a game that follows a very similar mode of game play and so the controls are similar. What I liked about the GTA controls is the movement "stick". It operates the same as in most other sgs2 games, situated in it's own corner on the left of the screen, but it's better because it is invisible. It works more on the principle that you know that it's there. I like this because it doesn't disrupt your view of the game world and that's important especially when it comes to fight sequences and you need to see your enemy. Another thing I liked, to my own surprise, are the controls for driving. You get a gas pedal and a break pedal and use your movement stick as steering, and the best part, they actually work smoothly. None of that awkward movement that I battled with when playing Gangstar MV.

Graphics wise, it's good. I say good not awesome because somehow everything is always rather dark even during the day in the game. I know GTA isn't famed for it's sunny scenery but this game seems slightly worse to me. It's almost like you play the game only at dusk and night time in game. Not a huge train smash though.
Sound is pretty good. I love the dialogue, it makes me chuckle. Things that could have been improved on though are the radio stations, I can't seem to control what station plays when I get into a car. And worse, every time there is an out of game interruption that makes me pause the game, unpausing makes the radio start on a different station all together as if I had gotten out the car. This sucks, especially if I was enjoying a particular song on that fictional station!

Things that may upset you during the game include getting lost, the map is just not interactive enough; and not finding the spot you are meant to go to once you get to the marked area on the map, trust me I battled finding the entrance for a paint shop for a good 15 minutes and, I was driving past it repeatedly. I only found it because I ended up trying to bash through walls.

Over all, brilliant game. I can't compare it to the PC version of GTA3 as I have only played GTA 4, but I can say Rockstar did a good thing with this Android version.



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