Game Review: Gangstar Miami Vindication

I've had a good few weeks to play this game so I thought it was time to do the review.

Gangstar Miami Vindication is a story about a man out looking for his brother, who seems to have managed to get himself into a bit of trouble with some bad people. It's a classic search and rescue story really, with a whole lot of missions along your way.

Story wise the game gets pretty creative, you do some missions here that leave you wondering if this is still about finding your brother. Don't get me wrong, they still add to the action of the game and let you explore new ways to play but, I still feel it could have been written better. Also when looking at voice acting, you will have to look at it in a just for laughs kind of way.

Graphics are pretty good considering this is a cellphone game. I keep getting chills every time I think about how I was playing games with graphics like this on my pc just a few, or more, years ago.

What I liked most about this game on the galaxy s2 rather than on my old nokia is that the map now fits into one big setting. On my nokia you had to travel to the next part of town by driving to the edge of town and then waiting for the new map to load. It got boring fast. But now that you can drive around the whole map without even thinking twice about it, a portal to endless fun and reckless driving has been opened.

Another cool improvement is the radio. Before HD it was just a bunch of news reports flashing past your screen, now you actually get a choice of stations to listen to that play music and a few funny ads. It doesn't have anything on the gta's of this world but hey, they tried.

A sucky feature that I'm still battling with is the controls. I've tried them all now and none off them are really ideal for the driving missions that you get. It seems to me that you have to be a trained expert in controls to get this right. I've settled on using gyroscope and the accelerator pad for my driving, less damage gets done that way, but remember, practice makes perfect.

Shooting isn't so bad, you just need to find a balance between your movement and your facing direction to get it right.

Verdict: I love this game, hence I'm still playing it, but maybe that's just because this game has a million chapters. Get it, it's worth it.


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