Ice Cream Sandwich, yum!

Hi all, guess what i did today. Yup, finally took the plunge and updated my firmware to ICS. I couldn't get it done via OTA or KIES for some reason even though it's been available since 17 May, I'm guessing it has something to do with MTNs poor service as of late, but i did manage to get the stock firmware from

I had to install via Odin. I must admit, i was shit scared at first, having heard of all the stories of people bricking their phones and what not, but now that it's done I can't even tell you why I was scared because of how easy it was.

Here and here are the links to the tutorials i used to update my firmware.
So far my phone has been a bit glitchy, but apparently, according to others who have updated, that's expected.

Here, I've included a powerpoint file that outlines most of the new ICS features. Should come in handy for those considering upgrading and even those battling to find their feet in the new update.
I'll do a proper review once I've had time to explore (*edit: let me not lie, this wont happen). Let me know if any of the links don't work I'll try sort it out, I like sharing info so that everyone can make informed choices.



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