Internet at last! - How to use your Android phone as a modem

Hello all. The title might not wholey explain what this post is about but it gets the gist of it. I finally discovered how to use my sgs2 as a modem.

Not being able to figure out how to use this phone as a modem was one of the things that made me really miss my Nokia. As non advancing as they may be, Nokia sure does know how to deliver a quality all purpose product. With Nokia Ovi all it took was a simple click of a button in the Ovi programme to get your Pc connected to the net in seconds. I tried installing Kies in the hopes that it would have something similar and i was sadly disappointed.

Very long story shorter, this is what you need to do:
-Set up a connection by going to settings-> wireless and networks-> tethering and portable hotspot.
-In here click and follow the steps to connect to the net.
-Stay in this area of settings and connect your phone to pc.
-Press home button to exit Kies on your phone.
-Check the usb tethering box and follow instructions.

Sorry for shady directions, things look slightly different in ICS so I can't be sure of paths in gingerbread.

Note: You cannot access your phone via Kies or as a USB when you are tethered/using it as a modem.
And that's how it is done. You now have a modem.



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