Gameloft and Samsung Apps : A love that just keeps giving

Hello all, firstly, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to you all. Yes, it has been that long since my last post. I hope todays post will make up for my absence though.

Well today I wont be sharing a review with you or a walkthrough, rather I shall be sharing the gift of knowledge about something you may, or may not yet know about.  In this economic climate, it seems rather wasteful to be spending money on games, but short of becoming an internet pirate, what can one do really?

The answer is: Visit your Samsung Apps app.  For reasons unknown to myself, our resident Android app store, or in more modern circles, our Play Store, charges an arm and a leg for most games.  In the face of all this injustice only Samsung Apps breaks through the overcharging and offers us an appreciated way out.

Not all the Gameloft games are free in this app, obviously, but they do offer free demos on the regular.  They even have some "Free promotions" running on a few of the premium games (*see Modern Combat 3). These Free promotions mean exactly that: the game is free till further notice.  I think I reviewed Modern Combat 3 in October last year so now you have a rough idea of how long these promotions last. You might be asking, so what, Modern Combat 3 is free, that doesn't change the price of bread for me. Well yes it wouldn't but if you would be so kind to check in at the Play Store, you would find that the game is still selling for roughly R46, which is around $5 for you people of the rest of the world.  Why waist your money when you still need to download the game on your own internet cred anyway? And why pay for a full game that could totally suck when you can try out a  free demo first and judge it before paying for it?

That's my 2 cent. Hope it helps those looking for free game downloads.

*Look out for 9mm (I'm reviewing that soon), which seems to be free on Samsung Apps at the mo. (note, this seems to only show up while on mobile, it isn't listed as free when you visit the site online).



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