Game Review: Six Guns

Howdy, today I'll be reviewing this classic old western game. Let me get right into it then.
Six Guns is about, well actually i don't quite remember what it's about. The story has started to be that much of a drag. But basically you ride around  solving everyone's problems. Nothing is too mundane for this hero, from catching chickens for local chicken farmers to killing wild snakes. But don't be alarmed, you do eventually get to take part in some cool western shoot outs, be it with some outlaws or evil ghost/zombie spirits that have taken over a mine.

The game progression resembles that of those Facebook games we have all played at some stage. In the beginning of the game you get basic clothing that provides minimum protection. As you progress you are given the option of buying better ones with the gold and stars you have earned and collected so far.Pretty early into the game you also get a free horse. Trust me when i say this is a blessing. The game map is just too large to try exploring by foot. You would die, not in game but physically die of boredom. So ride.

Now that we are out and about exploring, there is an overwhelming bit of exploring to be done. You will find that some missions given in one town will have you riding out to the next town to take care of things. My advice would be to stay and clean out your current town before moving on. Riding back and forth is no fun.
Okay time to assess the specs. Graphics wise this is a gem on my galaxy s2. The setting is illustrated very well, with the Sun hovering above the desert mountains and some random riders travelling from town to town, it represents the wild west quite well.

The controls are basic. Taking part in a shoot out takes some getting used to though, with trying to get into cover facing the right direction and keeping your foes in sight it is no easy task.
The buying mode isn't so great for me because most of the useful items, like medi kits, cost stars not gold. Needless to say stars are hard to come by. So you can spend all game pillaging the treasure chests just to be let down by the fact that all the money in the world can't buy your health back.

Scripting in the game leave much to be desired but hey, you don't really tall much with people so it's okay.
Overall, good game with too much empty space between towns.



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