App review: Amazon Kindle ebook reader

This will sort of be a continuation of the double app review that I did last month on kobo and aldiko.
Kindle is another ebook reader app, maybe with a name even bigger than the other two readers I have reviewed. It has all the basic functions of most e-readers such as an ebook store from were you can purchase books or choose from a selection of free books available. One major fail that you may not notice straight away is the inability to import the books that you already have on your device. So if you had any intention of jumping ship and switching over to kindle with your current book of choice, think again.

Okay time for highlights.
*Online bookstore is good. Getting the books on your phone isn't a whole visual display of "downloading". Once you have logged in and pressed buy, the book is now on your kindle.
*It's fast responsive to touch.
*You can style your pages in a variety of ways, including changing margins, line spacing and page colour.
*Gives you the percentage of how much you have read. Nice touch i think.

*I can't access my non kindle books! What? Really?
*No nice page transitions.
*And did i mention that there is no access to your other ebooks!!!

That's it for this one. It's not a bad reader over all, and you can get some decent reads off the book store so go for it.

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